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Jiselda Salbu

She has done more than 1000 paintings, some of which are in museums and collections inLatin America. She has received numerous awards for her works and exhibitions in several countries, and her contribution to the promotion artists and art inLatin America.

In 2012 she established the art organization Artcom Expo International which has organized a number of international Exhibitions all over Europe, among others in Romeand Paris, Louvre.  She has also published the book “Artist Across Continents” which will be launched in Louvre October  2014. Se:

Artists are invited to join the association  which has had  140 000 visits in 9 months. Your work and your CV will be presentet in www.artcomexpocom as a member of the organization.. Send fotos of 4 of Your paintings

Jiselda  has also received several Brazilian Oscar statuettes, and been she awarded a title as baroness for her portraits of the of the imperial family inBrazil. Her portrait series is published on the Brazilian stamps in 2012. She was recently appointed ambassador of Brazilian art abroad.

As a guest writer and journalist, she has contributed in a number of books. In the literary publication “The Best Brazilian Poetry” published inSão Pauloin 2012, she is one of 20 selecte writers. In November2012 abook, “Anuario Arte Atual” was published by the Levraria Cultura in Brasil where her works were presented, and in 2013 her work and art was published in a book from the Museum Palaco Paz inBuenos Aires.

Between 2006 and 2011 she worked as coordinator for the BrazilianAcademyofArt Cultureand History inSao Pauloand organized hundreds of exhibitions and events inLatin Americafor a large numbers of artists.

She received during this period a number of awards for her work for promoting arts. Using her vast social network, also with connections to well- kown world artists, also in music and entertainment, she will be able to help in organizing events and exhibitions for artists, musicians and other cultural practitioners worldwide.

Take a look at

Jiselda Salbu is represented on the website of the Brazilian Embassy in Oslo among featured Brazilians living in Norway.

In 2015 the association will publish three books.  

You are welcome to participate. Se

Take a look at the 2014 edition         For moe information:



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